We're back! The Rails team is on the eve of rolling out Rails 5 and the crew at Planet Argon thought it was an ideal time to see where the community has been and perhaps uncover some potential trends for the future.

Like last time, 2016 results will be displayed by default. Feel free to toggle between the 2014, 2012, and 2009 results to view previous results for these questions.

Let's get started!

Thank you! This year we had 1417 people take the Rails Survey for 2016. We appreciate all of you that put time aside to take this survey and get the word out! Your input helps us learn what trends are happening in our extended community and educates different Rails developers around the world about each other’s development process.

We hope that you learned something from this survey. Look for us again within the next couple of years to compare how things have changed.

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